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Top Ten Picks: Games of Strategy

For those looking to flex their critical thinking and problem solving skill set, strategy based video games are a fantastic alternative to potentially mind numbing and repetitive options. Here we’ll discuss ten of the best strategy games available to play.
Starting off the list is Etherium, a relatively new game set in the future but structured on the classic strategy layout. An interesting twist comes with the added challenge of the weather. Inclement weather can change normally straightforward situations, and is another tricky element to work around.
Grey Goo is another newcomer, but may feel familiar to fans of the old Starcraft game. There is a lot of nuance and attention to detail that go into the different modes you can play in, and the graphic design is quite beautiful.
Age of Mythology was an older game produced by Ensemble Studios. It was such a popular strategy game that the company revamped it for the modern age. It gives users a multiplayer option while maintaining all the elements of the original game.
The next game, Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion, has to be included for its dual nature. Not only is it a strategic game, it also brings in empire building for an extra challenge.
For fans of war themed or historically based games, Company of Heroes 2 is a great choice. Reading like a World War II game, Company of Heroes 2 is a classic strategy game that includes unlock able content and bonuses for added motivation and tangible goals.
Part of a series of games popular in Japan but relatively unknown in the Western countries, Front Mission 3 is a robot battle game with a high level of customization and constant updates and upgrades that keep the game fresh.
Instead of controlling an army, how about being in charge of spreading a disease? That’s the unique premise of Plague Inc. Evolved. The risk? Being cured before the humans go extinct.
R.U.S.E. might seem like a typical strategic battle, but in fact the key to this game is having vital information that your opponent does not know. Something that seems easy might in fact be more complex.
If you’re looking for a basic, quality strategy game, Halo Wars is a classic option. A more complicated, high stakes game of the same ilk is Fire Emblem: Awakening. With a great game comes a compelling story,, making the experience all the more entertaining.
There is no shortage of strategic games on the market. This lists some of the best strategy games out there, both old and new, classic and with a twist, that are great options for any gaming fan.