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The Top Ten RPG Games

Ask any gaming enthusiast and they will tell you: some of the most fascinating games out there would be role-playing (RPG) games. These type of games are where a player assumes the role of a character in a fictional setting. Players enjoy the structured decision making in these games, and there is now a long history of this genre. There are many fans for these types of games, and so here are ten RPG games that many would consider to be the best of all-time:

#10: Fallout 3

The first of the top ten RPG games will place you in a post-apocalyptic American wasteland where you can pretty much do anything you want to do and go in any direction you like. The only catch is that you have to survive while doing it. The game was made in 2008 and rife with many memorable characters.

#9: Mass Effect

This role-playing game is set hundreds of years into the future and is devoted to fashioning a believable galaxy with alien life. The game was first produced in 2007 and features the apt Commander Shepard as the main character. He is featured in a quest to help humanity find its place among the more advanced alien civilizations.

#8: World of Warcraft

Simply put, this game is still probably the most famous role-playing game hands down, even though it was made way back in 2004. Fashioned for the Mac and the PC, the game was ahead of its time in many regards, including in the visuals and overall design of the game.

#7: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

This game was set in Skyrim, which was a massive world just ready for exploring. The setting was filled with venomous archers and evil spell casters and had an open-ended plot which could literally keep you entertained for hours.

#6: Diablo II

Manufactured in they year 2000, Diablo II was gifted with four lengthy acts and a generous amount of characters that the player could choose from.

#5: Final Fantasy IV

Made and designed in 1991, this video game offering featured a number of fantastic characters such as a pair of twins, a forgetful mystic and an orphan. The battle scenes in this offering were way ahead of their time, no doubt about it.

#4: Pokemon Red/Blue

Another early role-playing game would be that of Pokemon Red/Blue. This offering featured a rather unique endeavor: the Pokeman were monsters, and you had to try to catch them. This was another immensely popular role-playing game, and was immensely popular in the late 90’s and early 2000’s.

#3: Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn

This was another game that was made in 2000 and it featured characters who were intent on world-building and had a staggering amount of dialogue to go with it. The game featured a villain who was every bit as captivating as he was evil.

#2: Chrono Trigger

Produced in 1995, this example was one of the first Japanese contributions to the genre. Chrono Trigger saw witnessing the end of the world with a motley crue of knights and inventors. The game even had multiple endings!

#1: Final Fantasy VI

This version, which was released in 1994, treated the gamer to a variety of colorful characters and was a literally almost like an opera in the unique way that it fleshed out its plot. The many unique moments in Final Fantasy VI make it arguably one of the best role-playing games ever made.