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The Coolest Gadgets Give Remote Power

If you have any system or device that you want to be able to turn on and off remotely, from your smartphone, then check out the super simple, intuitive to use GE Plug-In Outdoor Smart Switch. Although it is best suited for outdoor power switching, it can be used anywhere a regular 3-prong outlet is available. It is one of the cool gadgets now available to enhance your building’s existing Z-Wave gateway system that controls things directly through the wiring. SmartThings and Piper are two brands of Z-Wave gateways. This Smart Switch will not work for you without one of these home integration systems installed.

For under forty bucks, this is a great remote switch. It does require a Z-Wave gateway to already be present and operating on the wiring of the building’s circuit into which you plug the Smart Switch. It has a standard 110VAC 3-prong plug and flexible connector. It is much cheaper than comparable remote switches. This may be because GE sells so much remote control convenience with their many similar products, the volume of sales enables GE to reduce the price on this Smart Switch.

It comes with free downloadable software to install on your particular brand of smartphone. The software has some great features beyond simply turning on or off any house lamp, appliance, or other items plugged into the Smart Switch. You can also schedule when the to turn the switch on or off automatically, down to the date, hour, and minute.

The real savings this GE Plug-In Outdoor Smart Switch provides are when you buy several to cover every place you need one. The savings add up and the utility is standardized and always available, even when you are on the other side of the world! Of course, it is UL-listed and tested to be a safe addition to your home’s electric power circuits. It has a simple, sleek, flat black plastic case, with no markings or anything else to cause it to stand out. It is meant to blend with your furnishings, unnoticed but always appreciated. It is fairly utilitarian looking, and yet it is a great inexpensive thing to have in the house, shop, or garage.