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Life Changing Gadgets and Technological Advancements

Technology is changing lives in so many ways. There are a ton of people that are realizing the benefitechnologyts of technology enhancements. I have found that a lot of things have simplified my life and given me the ability to maximize my time.


The concept of the automatic recording has been around for a long time, but the DVR is still fairly new to me. I just got one when I set up my Direct TV SELECT package. Now that I have Direct TV there are so many shows that I want to watch, but I may not always have the time to do this when the original shows are airing. That is why it is I really appreciate the DVR. This is something that allows me to watch the shows I want to watch when I am ready.

Smart Phones

I have also found that the iPhone has been a great concept as well. I was very hesitant to get an iPhone because I didn’t see a need for one. I was using my phone for calls only so it never occurred to me that this type of phone would be useful.

What I would soon discover is that this phone was essential to my daily life. I use it to track my errands that I run. I also use the phone to check my email and listen to music. This is also the same gadget that I use for recording video and taking pictures. The phone, for me, is almost like a Swiss Army knife because it has so many features.

I think that smart phones have changed our daily lives because it allows us to keep up with contacts, utilize apps to check bank accounts, text friends and take snapshots of different moments in life. When I was younger I only used a phone when my car broke down. The minutes were costly, and it just wasn’t effective to carry around a cell phone the way that we do now. Today, however, I can connect to wireless networks and the talk time plans are unlimited.


I consider the tablet to be a greater extension of my cell phone. I can read e-books and watch movies on my tablet. This portable tablet makes it easy to entertain myself while I take a lunch break. I also use this tablet for  for clients during work.