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How the Mobile Age has Transformed the World Today

Mobile phones have evolved to become a fundamental part of people’s lives. Phones nowadays are used for various purposes ranging from cameras, diaries, communication hub among other purposes. Research studies now indicate that most consumers now prefer doing shopping using their Smartphones without having to move from one place to another. A Google data posted recently indicate that 54 percent of shoppers now do shopping via their smartphone gadgets. Consumers have found phones more reliable and convenient in performing various activities such as money transfer, purchasing of goods, and other various financial transactions.

How the evolution of mobile services will shape the future of money

Many people across the world are reported to have used their mobile phones to carry out financial transactions such as paying bills and checking account balances. A good percentage of Americans were also reported to have purchased applications by use of a mobile device. Digital goods such as movies, e-books and music are being acquired by use of mobile devices. Mobile users are also reported to be relying much on mobile banking services to carry out functions such as making withdrawals, making deposits to their bank accounts and even request for a loan. The financial transactions through mobile phones are now a major contributor to many countries GDP.

How business entities are using mobile devices to keep their customers engaged

Business institutions have now resorted to building mobile applications to assist in customer engagement. The mobile applications are being used to share trustworthy information between the enterprise institution and its customer base.

Mobile phones have also evolved to change substantially the way citizens consume news. The evolution of mobile devices has escalated journalism to a new level. People can get political, sports and entertainment news right through their mobile devices instantly.

Mobile devices have also evolved to assist in the management of natural disasters such as floods, terrorist attacks, and other many threats. Passing of information regarding these threats have been made much easier making mitigation of such threats simpler. Alerts are easily sent from one place to another as well as relief efforts making coordination much easier.

The mobile age has also helped business organizations to improve their customer services. The use of mobile phones allows service delivery 24/7, thus answering inquiries and concerns from clients in a timely fashion.

Mobile devices have also enabled employers and business owners to carry out their daily routines without having to be present at the place where the action is being executed. The introduction of video conferencing, cloud and virtualization applications have enhanced communication across business staff in a much easier manner. Mobile devices have also helped business organizations improve their productivity by allowing employees to carry their workspaces during clients meetings, during their company travel across the world or to the airport. The “bring your device” policy is seen to be implemented by business organizations thus helping them boost their productivity.

Strategy Analytics predict that at the year 2020, there will be more than 33 billion internet connected devices. Experience on the use of mobile devices is thus going to become a very crucial factor.