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Clever Gadgets that will Change Your Life

In this day and age, it seems there is a gadget for just about anything under the sun. From gadgets designed for those who are always losing their keys to gadgets that monitor your baby’s vitals, there are solutions for almost all your problems. Below are four must-have clever gadgets that will certainly make your life a lot easier.

The Smart Onesie

So you have to leave your baby for a while with a sitter, and you are worried about his well-being while you are away? Worry not because the smart onesie was created to keep your worries at bay. This garment is connected to a variety of systems that can check the baby’s temperature as well as movements. This information is then relayed to the parent’s smartphone. This gadget promises to ease the minds of all working moms.

Smart Door Locks

Are constantly misplacing your keys? Do you find key chains cumbersome? If you answer yes to these questions, then this is the gadget for you. This lock can be locked or unlocked with the aid of your smartphone. It also monitors who comes in and out of your house. Some smart locks allow you to determine the time range in which they can be unlocked. Others take photos of people milling at your front door and send them to your smartphone. Talk about beefing up security! This gadget is going to add convenience to your lifestyle.

Roof rack road shower

Like going for camping, but hate the limited showering options? On a road-trip and want to save a dime on that bed and breakfast? Worry no more, because the roof rack road shower was invented just for you. This gadget is a cleverly designed water tank that is pressurized. It is mounted on the roof rack of your car. The water is solar heated, so you don’t need to worry about hosing off with cold water. In addition to showering, this gadget can be used to wash your car or dishes when on a camping trip. Camping and road trips are set to be much more fun with the roof rack road shower.

Charging Backpack

Need to carry your laptop or tablets and worrying about running low on charge? A charging backpack is what you need. These packs contain batteries that once charged can power your smartphones, laptops or tablets on the go. All you need to do is to connect your devices to the bag via a cable and voila! Charging can commence. If you don’t like the option of batteries in the bag, an eco-friendly solar charger backpack exists. This will enable you to charge your devices using energy from the sun. This gadget will certainly make life easy for busy students.

So, whether you are student or a working mom or a road trip junkie, some of these gadgets will certainly make your life a whole lot easier.